Booker Food Waste Data 2017/18

At Tesco, we have no time for waste. Our approach is based on a simple principle: that first we must understand where food is wasted before we can act to tackle it. Transparency and measurement is essential for identifying hotspots and their root causes. This allows us to take targeted action to reduce waste in partnership with others. In 2013 Tesco became the first UK retailer to publish data on the levels of waste in our own operations followed by our Irish and Central European businesses last year. Booker is the latest of our businesses to measure food surplus and waste, and importantly publish and share the results below.

Highlights from 2017/18 include:

  • Booker donated over 380 tonnes to local charities and community groups
  • This is the equivalent of almost 910,000 meals donated to people in need
  • Over 130 Booker stores across the UK are offering surplus food to local charities and community groups
Booker - 2017/18 food waste by category

In total in 2017/18, we sold 1,691,445 tonnes of food to customers through our Booker operations. The level of food waste as a % of sales in Booker was 0.2%. This might seem a small proportion but it still equals 2,913 tonnes.

Food waste
Total food sales 1,691,445 tonnes
Total food surplus (all food not sold) 3,296 tonnes
Total food waste (surplus minus donations) 2,913 tonnes
Waste as % of food sales 0.2%
Donations 383 tonnes

In 2012 we started donating food surplus to local charities and community groups. In 2017/18 we donated 383 tonnes to local charities and community groups. To reduce food waste in our own operations, we have taken action to standardise the date checking process in our branches as well as minimise the number of date codes on display for high waste products such as chicken and fresh bagged salads.

The majority of food that is not donated is sent to anaerobic digestion or incineration with energy recovery.

Find out how we calculate our food waste data here.

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