Whistleblowing policy

Tesco Colleague and Suppliers Protector Line.


We take protecting our colleagues, customers and business very seriously. However, like any major organisation, there are occasions where we face the risk of things going wrong, or we are unaware of malpractice taking place.

Our Code of Business Conduct makes clear that as a business, wherever we operate, we will always abide by the law. Our Internal policy for ‘Solving Problems at Work’ supports our Personnel Policies and Procedures.

Our approach

To ensure we are aware of any wrongdoing we provide a free professional, confidential and secure service that enables our colleagues, suppliers and their staff to raise concerns.

Within Tesco this is known as the “Protector Line”, a confidential telephone and email service, which allows concerns to be raised at the earliest stage.

It is important that we and our suppliers work together to encourage a culture of honesty and accountability in order to prevent such situations occurring, and to address them if they do occur.

What is the Protector Line?

The Protector Line is a way for colleagues, suppliers and their staff to disclose information that relates to suspected wrongdoing or dangers at work relating to Tesco. These may include:

  • Colleagues offering, taking or soliciting bribes;
  • Financial fraud or mismanagement;
  • Unauthorised disclosure of confidential information;
  • Criminal activity;
  • Miscarriages of justice;
  • Human rights issues;
  • Danger to health and safety;
  • Supplying food unfit for consumption;
  • Colleagues discarding damaging materials into the environment;
  • Failure to comply with legal or professional obligation or regulatory requirements;
  • Mis-selling or price fixing of products;
  • Mis-reporting performance of the business;
  • Negligence;
  • Breach of our internal policies and procedures including our Code of Business Conduct;
  • Conduct likely to damage our reputation;
  • The deliberate concealment of any of the above matters.


For Tesco colleagues, the Protector Line service will be managed locally by the Loss Prevention and Security team following the Protector Line Blueprint.


For our suppliers and their staff, we are operating a separate dedicated global Supplier Protector Line service operated by an independent 3rd party. In the majority of our sourcing countries, Protector Line is promoted on site using posters in the relevant language. The mechanism is available and used by workers in tier one of our supply chain. We also encourage it’s adaption along the supply chain.

All calls received that relate to the provision of either goods or services to Tesco will be sent to the Group teams in the UK to be reviewed and the appropriate action taken. Where relevant, these are escalated to senior colleagues. Calls which do not relate to Tesco will not be passed to Tesco, but the Protector Line service provider will endeavor to contact the callers company to alert them of a possible concern.

If you wish to raise any concerns please contact the Protector Line quoting reference “Tescosuppliers” using any of the following methods:-

Telephone UK: 0800 374 199, International: +44 1249 661808 (collect call available via international operator)

Email: tescosuppliers@expolink.co.uk, Web: www.expolink.co.uk/tescosuppliers

For more informationcontact our corporate responsibility team - cr.enquiries@uk.tesco.com

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