Snacks paired with tipples to make your Christmas drinks' party stand out

Tesco has come up with a helping hand by launching the UK’s first nut and tortilla snack range with tipple recommendations on the packet.

It’s one of those things that can really help make a drinks party stand out – the perfect pairing of snacks with your tipples of choice. 

But now, with the festive season soon upon us, Tesco has come up with a helping hand by launching the UK’s first  nut and tortilla snack range with tipple recommendations on the packet.

For instance, if you want to impress guests with, say, a salted caramel flavoured nut mix then Tawny Port would go well because its full-bodied fruitiness heightens the taste of the nuts.

And if you wanted to offer BBQ flavour tortilla chips then the recommended pairing would be ruby ale as the smoky taste blends really well with the rich maltiness of the beer.

The pairings were made by a team of food and drink experts who trialled hundreds of different nut, tortilla chip, ale and seasonal drink combinations to reach the five that are being launched across the UK this week.

Tesco drinks developer Danielle Jack said: “We hope that these recommendations can inspire customers to try something new and create a ‘wow’ factor with their guests if they are hosting a drinks party this Christmas.

“While pairing wine and ale with main dishes is becoming more commonplace on bottle labels these days we thought shoppers could have fun turning the concept on its head and applying it to nibbles.”

 snacks and tippls
The complete pairings with tasting notes are as follows:

• Maple Bacon Flavoured Nut Mix 200g – Best paired with Golden AleGolden ale will bring out the sweet maple notes and rich, savoury bacon. The ale really enhances the flavour of the nut mix.
• Salted Caramel Nut Mix (200g) – Best paired with Tawny PortThe rich, sweet caramelized flavour is enhanced with the addition of a sprinkle of salt. The combination of the sweet and savoury is further enhanced with the full-bodied fruity flavour of the Tawny Port.
• Barbecue Tortilla Scoops (250g) – Best paired with Ruby AleThe deep, smoky BBQ flavour works really well with the rich

For more information please contact the Tesco Press Office on, roast malted taste of Ruby Ale.
• Winter Spiced Fruit & Nut Mix (200g) – Best paired with Mulled WineThe nut mix is made with spiced cinnamon and orange flavour honey roast peanuts, almonds with jumbo raisins and cranberries. This compliments the warming notes of the spiced mulled wine which is made with cinnamon sticks, cloves and oranges.
• Sour Cream and Herb Tortilla Scoops (250g) – Best paired with Golden AleThe citrus notes of the golden ale really help bring out the rich sour cream and savoury chives taste of the tortilla chips.

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