Breakfast sandwiches set to take major slice of sarnie market

So many Brits now eat their breakfast on the go that they have created a huge growing market for the UK sandwich industry potentially worth tens of millions of pounds.

So many Brits now eat their breakfast on the go that they have created a huge growing market for the UK sandwich industry potentially worth tens of millions of pounds.

For many working people grabbing a BLT, egg and bacon or all day breakfast sarnie on the way into work or to eat at their desk has become a way of life.

And this new lifestyle change has helped create a vast ‘out of home breakfast’ UK market worth a staggering £2.5 billion which is growing annually at 6.6 per cent according to consumer analysts Crest NPD.

Furthermore, breakfast styled sarnies are the fastest growing area of the UK sandwich market with demand 10 times higher than that for regular everyday varieties.

And that demand has helped firmly establish the BLT, egg and bacon, and all day breakfast sandwiches in the UK’s top 10 favourite sarnies in the last few years.

Now to cater for this rapidly expanding market Tesco will, from this week, become the first retailer to launch a dedicated breakfast sandwich range across the UK which will sit in their own fixture at the front of its stores.

Tesco sandwich buyer Debbie Allwright said: “Grabbing a sandwich on the go in lieu of a sit down breakfast has become the norm for millions of working Brits. As a result one in every 10 sandwiches we sell nowadays is a breakfast sarnie.

“We believe the British breakfast sandwich market has a massive potential and could be one of the biggest untapped food markets which is why we are launching this new range.

“We’ve spent the last year researching the market and without giving out too much information to our rivals we’ve found that sandwiches with breakfast fillings are popular right into the early afternoon.

“Just five years ago you would have found one breakfast styled sandwich in the top 20 – now there are three in the top 10 which shows you just how popular they have become.”

The range is aimed to satisfy breakfast cravings at different times of the morning from savoury flavours such as egg Florentine muffin and salami and Emmental croissant to sweeter delicacies such as Belgian chocolate brioche and honey and cinnamon brioche.  

A further measure of the popularity of breakfast sandwiches comes from the British Sandwich Association who recently conducted a poll of 3500 people to find the UK’s favourite sarnie, with BLT coming out on top.


Note to editors:

The full new Tesco breakfast sandwich range is as follows:

  • Bacon Muffin – 115g - £2.00
  • Egg Florentine Muffin – 162g - £2.00
  • Sausage & Egg Muffin – 173g - £2.00
  • All Day Breakfast Muffin – 185g - £2.00
  • Strawberry Jam Croissant – 120g - £1.50
  • Salami & Emmental Croissant – 143g - £2.00
  • Ham & Emmental Croissant – 147g - £2.00
  • Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagel – 170g - £2.50
  • Belgium Chocolate Brioche – 105g - £1.50
  • Honey & Cinnamon Brioche – 120g - £1.50


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