Tesco partners with Mumsnet to launch ‘first bras'

Tesco is launching a new range of ‘first bras’ for girls created in partnership with respected online community for parents, Mumsnet.

Tesco is launching a new range of ‘first bras’ for girls created in partnership with respected online community for parents, Mumsnet.

The Tesco Fleur first bras are now available in store and online and have been created in conjunction with parents who are members of the Mumsnet community.  Parents were asked what they look for when buying a first bra for their daughters and the challenges they face.

Mumsnet founder, Carrie Longton, said; “First bras are always a sensitive subject and getting it right is important for parents and their daughters.  We were pleased when the team at Tesco approached us to get involved with the development of their first bras.  The Fleur first bras are a great example of a responsible retailer listening to what parents want. The first bras were developed in conjunction with a panel of Mumsnetters and we are delighted that it will help many parents find the right type of bra for their daughters.”

Jan Marchant, Tesco Clothing Design Director, said; "As a mum myself, I know how important it is that retailers offer parents and their children a choice of age appropriate clothing and styles. We take our responsibilities seriously, which is why we signed up to the BRC Childrenswear Guidelines and have a team of mums at Tesco to approve each and every children’s clothing line that we sell.

"Our decision to work with Mumsnet for the development of the Fleur first bras was about reaching out to more parents and asking them directly what they wanted for their daughters."

In creating the new line, overwhelming feedback from parents was about the lack of choice and trouble they had finding a suitable early bra. The Mumsnet community complained the selection on the high street was poor and in many cases inappropriate.

Following the clear input from parents and their daughters, Tesco worked closely with the team at Mumsnet to produce a suitable selection of first bras, providing input from the start on styles, colours and designs, as well as packaging and sales materials.

The Tesco Fleur first bra is priced at £5 and comes in two styles. A crop top sports bra in size extra small to medium and a traditional soft triangle shape from sizes 28AA to 34B.  The first bra is non padded and non wired, in soft cotton for comfort.

Jan Marchant said; “We discovered from parents that girls have many different needs when looking for their first bra. This is why it has been essential to work with Mumsnet, which is constantly in conversation with thousands of parents and is well placed to give us further guidance and advice to make sure we offer our customers the right range for the right age.”

The first bras feature the Mumsnet logo on the packaging, further reassuring parents at a glance that this is a suitable product for their daughters when they need to buy a first bra. The Fleur range will be merchandised in the women’s underwear sections both in Tesco stores and online at www.tesco.com/clothing


Notes to Editors:

1.      The Tesco Fleur first bras were developed in conjunction with a panel of Mumsnetters.

2.      The crop top sports first bra is available in white and the triangle first bra is available in white and pink.  Both are priced at £5 each.

3.      The wider Tesco Fleur underwear range for girls also includes products recommended for teenage girls.  The extra products in the Fleur collection are available in sizes 28A to 36C and include:

Teen Style One

  • Non wired
  • Light padding for modesty and support
  • Smooth silhouette. Suitable to wear under school shirts
  • 2 pair pack cotton £7 (white and white with pink spots) with matching 2 pair briefs £4
  • Available in sizes 28A to 34B

Teen Style Two

  • Plastic underwire supports  around cups
  • Light padding for modesty and support
  • Smooth silhouette. Suitable to wear under school shirts
  • Bra £5, (white and white with pink spots) Short pants £2
  • Available in sizes 30B to 36C


4.      Selection of quotes  from the community at Mumsnet who gave Tesco their views on first bras for their daughters:

"First bras should be as soft and natural as possible, I think. Pre-teen/young teen breasts need to be supported, not enhanced, in my opinion."

"Buying your first bra is a very emotional experience as well as a garment purchase. I do feel there's a bit of a gap in the market for properly designed, made for teens underwear. It usually takes me hours to find underwear for my daughters that both of us can agree on. My daughters do not want to wear underwear that is seductive or gives off inappropriate messages any more than I want them to. "

" I would like a modesty layer option simply because the way in which girls develop can lead to some nasty things being said and/or awkwardness that stifles a young girl at times. "

"I would like to see first bra styles that reflect the need for modesty as well as an element of attractiveness that is appropriate for girls of this age, e.g. pale colours, pretty prints, thin straps."

"I do not want anything that looks remotely "sexy" or titillating. Designs should be age appropriate - practical, functional, pretty, with no inappropriate overtones. "

"If a young girl’s breasts grow larger than an average then there really doesn't seem to be anywhere to buy styles suitable for teenagers. They have to go into adult styles. This happened to me and I must say I hated my bras as a teenager."


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