Perfect melons are on their way

David Callejon
David Callejon
Supplier Relationship Manager

The first days of June are a critical time for the melon season in Spain.

The first days of June are a critical time for the melon season in Spain. There are two big areas in the South of Spain for growing melons. Almeria, where melons are grown in greenhouses and provide an earlier production and Murcia, where melons are grown in open fields, slower but often with better taste characteristics.

It is very important to move from the Almeria season to Murcia at the correct time (when we are absolutely sure that the quality is better) and so, giving the best melon quality to our customers.

An employee preparing a melon Testing the melons’ internal quality

An employess testing the quality of a melonTesting the melons to ensure they are the right level of sweetness

Last week I spent a couple of days working to check the quality of both productions and to let our buyers know if we should change the production area already.

I’ve informed them that the quality is now clearly better at Murcia and we should move sourcing to our Murcia suppliers as soon as possible. You’ll see the melons on a shelf in your local store very soon, hopefully you’ll agree that they taste great!

Melon production line

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